Hi, I'm Ryan. I turn ideas into <code>.


  • JavaScript
  • Shell
  • Git
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Mongo
  • Docker
  • Python
  • C

Ryan McQuen:


Senior Full Stack Developer at Funko

Since November 2018

Fiddled on:
  • Microservices
  • CMS apis
  • React ui
  • eCommerce admin
I've built many backend servcies from scratch, maintained others, and helped improve performance and architecture at all levels of the stack. I've also contributed to local DevOps enhancements and ran large data migrations of millions of records on live data.
Some of the big milestones I have been a part of are:
  • Release of a new app, that has seen over 1 million downloads.
  • Architected and implemented a CMS caching layer that yielded severely reduced load times across our site and app.
  • A new eCommerce website using headless Shopify.


  • November 2017 - November 2018
  • Full Stack Engineer at Sur la table
    • Incorporated a cutting edge component library into a legacy CMS, using: React, node, and npm/yarn.
    • Check it out:
  • March 2016 - November 2017
  • Senior Web Developer at TERRA Staffing Group
    • Built entire interactions from API to front end.
    • Implemented automated browser testing using Selenium.
    • Incorporated several libraries, using: JavaScript, PHP, and Python.
  • October 2013 - March 2016
  • Web Developer at Roadside Dental Marketing
    • Launched over 75 websites.
    • Hand coded reusable, responsive elements with designers.
    • Maintained 300+ sites.

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